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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


… was dancing quietly to the music in his room. I was peeping through the partially closed doors.

It was bedtime, I wanted him to go to sleep but he had others things in his mind – He replaced the Lullaby CD with a dance CD in his CD player, and danced to the music.


… said ‘Dad-dy‘  once for the first time, while hubby was playing with him.


turned a year older; broke up a fight between two cadets at the military school, twisted and hurt his knee. Now he’s limping. What a birthday!


… did absolutely nothing relevant!


Sunday, August 8, 2010


… wouldn’t eat Lay’s Cheddar Cheese Chips because he thinks it has peanuts on it. He thinks it’s yucky!

… caught me put Cough Medicine on his juice. (He’s been coughing for days now and it’s the only way I can have him take his medicine.) Now, he watches me whenever I pour juice in his cup.


… was laughing for the first time when I tickle him or kiss his neck.

… rolled over for the 3rd day. He has been rolling over on the floor and getting to places now.


… is officially back to work. Sigh! Summer break is over.

… started on nicotine patch again. Kudos to hubby for never giving up on quitting smoking. I am  praying for divine intervention and support from his peers, and crossing my fingers for luck, that he will make it this time.


… scrubbed the kitchen floor clean one tile at a time.

What a day!