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Unusual Afternoon

Matthew Sleeps

This is a very unusual late afternoon! It’s unusually quiet in the living room. Ah, the baby is sleeping!

Matthew And Daddy

Pictures taken on 25 July 2007.




Matthew After 11 Months

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In less than a month, my baby Matthew is turning 1 year old. He has grown a lot from tiny 21-cms, 7 lbs 9 oz when he was born.

He has 8 teeth out now; 4 more almost ready to erupt. His hair is definitely NOT black or dark brown, but he has my dark eye color. He is a charmer. So far, he has not cried when a new face comes and talks to him. Well, except when he is sleepy or hungry at that time. He is such an angel when he is asleep. He is already well travelled, at least to my hometown in the Philippines. (Click here to view pictures taken during our vacation in the Philippines, March-April 2007.)

His skills/talents so far:

  • responds to ‘Matthew’, ‘Peanut’ or ‘Baby’ 
  • crawling so fast 
  • standing while holding on to something
  • standing by himself for almost 5 second
  • walking while holding on to something
  • walking for 2 steps then falls
  • climbing the couch, or the chair up to the dining table
  • doing ‘Hi-5’ on command
  • doing ‘Give-me-5’ on command
  • clapping his hands on command
  • shaking his head like Ray Charles with a big grin in his face when he is happy
  • talking by mix up syllables

His hobbies:

  • hiding under the table
  • playing with the curtains
  • opening cabinets and drawers
  • lounging at the couch
  • rearranging stuffs like pots and pans, my clothes (he thinks they all need to be on the floor)
  • licking and sucking on anything he is holding
  • licking and biting the telephone cord, when mommy’s on the phone
  • biting mommy and daddy
  • poking mommy’s or daddy’s face with his index finger
  • kissing mommy and daddy

His favorites:

  • Food. potatoes, carrots, noodles, fried rice, ice cream …
  • Toy. Whatever toy his dad is playing with; remote controls, PC mouse
  • Hideout. Under the table.
  • Cartoon. Elmo! He actually was laughing one time while watching Elmo.
  • Game. ‘Come-and-Get-Me’ or ‘I’ll-come-and-get-you’ chasing game with daddy and ‘Peek-a-Boo’ with mommy.
  • DVD. Startrek – the cases are shiny, and he can reach them.
  • Song. ‘I’m a little teapot …. ‘


  • when you shut the door on him, he cries a lot!
  • when you pull him away from cabinets and drawers


  • being naked or else, I wouldn’t have to chase him when I have to put on his diaper or his clothes
  • being carried by daddy when daddy comes home from work
  • going to the bathroom, just to hang out
  • getting a bath; he never cried, not even once, when taking a bath
  • being tickled