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It Could Have Been Extra-Special

It could have been an extra-special afternoon. It was hubby’s dayoff from work. We got up in the morning and decided that it’s going to be a lazy day.

The blinds are closed to dim the room. We were snuggling at the couch. His fresh shower scent just overwhelms me. The feelings were the same. We were both in the mood for extra-special attention that didn’t include Matthew but would probably include producing a new playmate for Matthew. Afterall, it is about time for a new baby to come along. But it wasn’t time to go further than snuggling. Matthew’s awake. So we waited. Matthew’s naptime won’t be too long.

It’s way past Matthew’s naptime. Hubby transferred to the recliner to give Matthew and I much needed space in the couch. I snuggle with him to help him nap. But it wasn’t enough. He layed there with me alright but he couldn’t stop fidgeting. So I put on the Baby Bach DVD, to calm him down, hoping that the repititious images and music of Bach as background would finally help him doze off. It has helped before. It should be just a matter of time.

More than an hour later, he is still laying in the couch with me but wide awake. Hubby, on the other hand, has found his comfort and has soundly fallen asleep. While I’m struggling with a headache from trying hard not to close my eyes.

Sigh. It’s almost 5 p.m., almost time to get dinner. The room’s still dim and music of Bach’s still playing. Matthew is at the floor playing with his blocks. He didn’t nap, not a wink. Hubby has just woke up and I still have headache but it’s time to get off the couch.

Sigh. It could have been an extra-special afternoon for hubby and me, but apparently, Matthew decided, no siblings allowed.

MatthewLilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker


Coming to America

Coming to Florida definitely made me feel I’m already in America! Last week, being in Hawaii didn’t make me feel that at all!

Last week we were in Hawaii for almost 6 days – beach bumming, sight seeing, driving around O’ahu Island and meeting dear hubby’s younger brother Tom and his friends. We had a great time, a few sunburn – a great tan for my white hubby and son! However, the hotel we stayed in and even the crowd in the tourist spots in Hawaii were filled with mostly Japanese people and other Asians (Filipino). 2 GenerationsI had to speak a few Japanese during my stay in Hawaii and I’ve heard a few Tagalog being spoken around. It is fair to say (write) that this made our transition easier, but I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

2 Generations
Tom, Matthew and Micheal
Taken on June 9, 2008 Hawaii

And then we came to Florida. Still jetlag, Matthew caught colds on the way here. We had difficulty trying to sleep at night and keeping awake during the day – and of course, keeping Matthew comfortable! Even mealtime is kind’a messed up – going hungy at inappropriate hours of the day and night.

Seeing Grandma and Grandpa for the First TimeBut my in-laws are so gracious at our arrival! They certainly made us feel so at home. They prepared a cozy room for us to stay in their home and they are doting Grandma and Grandpa to Matthew. They toured us around the area, like dear hubby’s high school, a few churches and of course… Walmart. 😉

Seeing Grandma and Grandpa for the first time.
Grandma Sally and Grandpa Leonard with Matthew at the Airport, Taken on June 14, 2008, Tampa, Florida

In FloridaWe’ve also met a few family and friends from the area. They are so happy to see dear hubby back for he hasn’t come back to his hometown for 8 years until now.

Dinner at Aunt Rosie and Uncle Greg’s Home
Aunt Rosie, Michael, Matthew and Uncle Greg, Taken on June 15, 2008, Florida


Life of a Toddler, Matthew at 21 Months

Summer Playground

Lilypie 2nd Birthday PicLilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

Matthew, Taken on May 13, 2008Scraped chin, scratched nose and busted lips – all from different incidents.

On another incident, he has managed to grab the half filled coffee pot from the coffee maker, poured it all over himself and dropped it on the floor. He cried, mortified by the coffee all over himself and by my reaction. I was only a few feet away but it all happened so fast that I wasn’t able to get to him in time to prevent what happened. Matthew, Taken on May 13, 2008Thank goodness, it wasn’t hot anymore and he was wearing slippers so the broken glass didn’ thurt him. (FYI, the glass pot didn’t break in his head, it was broken when he dropped it on the floor.) We were laughing after that, and I got the chance to shoot some photos.

He loves spinning until he gets dizzy and drops. He likes reaching for stuffs and climbing. He has learned that the best way to climb the counters is to use the drawer and its handles as a ladder. He knows how to use a pen and scribbles away almost on anything including his legs and feet. He feeds himself using the spoon now. Although he is still messy, I am so proud of this accomplishment.

My most favorite thing he does is when he grabs my face and gives me a kiss with all the drool in his face. Also, when he blows kisses, he makes a loud smack sound.

All photos are taken on May 13, 2008.

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Matthew at 20 Months

Matthew 2nd Birthday Ticker

My Matthew … he is now 20 months old! Where did my baby go? Well, he is not a baby anymore, but I’m still in denial.

Everyday is a challenge! It has become really difficult to control him because he is much persistent and stronger now, with octopus hands and feet! I mean, everytime I grab him, he wiggles and with his octopus hands and feet, he’s quick to grab and cling on whatever he can reach. This especially makes it difficult for me to carry him away from the top of the dining table or from the sink. I have to do it like 50 times a day. And yes, he can climb up to the bathroom sink. He sits there, turns the faucets and loves to see running water, wetting his hands and bottom.

Matthew, Swinging by Himself

Matthew at the Swing
Photo taken on April 21, 2008 at Yokota AB Playground

Bath time is still his favorite. His second favorite is going to the playground. He can swing by himself now. Whenever he gives me my shoes or sandals, his daddy’s or his, it’s always a clue that he wants to go out and play.

Another favorite is paper. He snacks on paper literally and apparently, he finds paper as good nose stuffing! He has once stuffed paper in his nose. I don’t know how he learned that!

He now knows the concept of ‘hot’. He learned it the hard way, I’m afraid. We were having pizza. While we were waiting for it to cool down, he couldn’t wait, so his daddy prepared littles hot pizza slices in his tray. Matthew grabbed one slice and felt that it’s still hot. Since then he has been repeating ‘hot-hot’ , everytime we are having pizza, when he touches the side of the stove or when the oven is open and he has to move aside.

With his beaming smile he steals the show on TV. He’ll stand on top of the coffee table in front of the TV, covering it, with his arms wide open and a big smile, almost saying “Watch me, I’m cuter than the one in the show!”. And yes, he is cute and more adorable!

He can now talk and sing. The problem is the only statement that’s comprehensible is ‘Bye, see you!’. Sometimes, he even waves and blows kisses after that!

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