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Spring 2013

Such a crazy spring weather today! It’s freezing cold when the wind blows. It’s hot when the sun is out. The wind blows on and off. The sun is out and then gone. The weather just can’t make up its mind! And so, when we were out and about, on our flower-viewing today, we were dressed as if it’s Tacky day.

Photos taken on April 22, 2013.


Fine Day Biking

Fist published in Facebook on April 13, 2013:

Yesterday was a fine day, sunny with moderate clouds. Mark and I were outside. He pointed up and said to me, “Look! Mom! The clouds look like marshmallows.” I looked up. It was, indeed.

Last night, at bedtime, Matthew was whiny, asked me, “When is my teeth ever gonna fall off? It never falls off.” I just told him – when it’s time.

At 6-years old and almost completing 1st-grade, he has NOT lost a tooth yet, while all his classmates already have. And he’s been really anxious, especially for that visit by the Tooth Fairy!

This morning, after hearing a commotion between Mathew and Mark, Mark came to me crying, “I don’t like big brother. He made me mad.” Me, thinking – Yes Mark, use your words.

Matthew (6) and Mark (3) on a gorgeous Saturday. Taken on 2013 Apr 13

Matthew (6) and Mark (3) on a gorgeous Saturday. Taken on 2013 Apr 13

It did take a lot of ‘aggressive’ encouragement from me to convince Matthew to practice his biking, but he ended up having a good time.

Mark was more willing. He’s the one with the most fun especially after I took out his tricycle. Mark’s legs are still short for his tricycle. He couldn’t pedal effectively yet, so I ended up pulling the tricycle (with Mark on it) with a rope… Me, tired!

Mark, a day before turning-3

This morning, Mark came over to me asking for a cookie. I told him, “No” and that he should eat his breakfast. And then he ran away, almost crying. And then, he stopped, looked back at me with a sour face, and said, “I don’t like you.”

He’s such a character!

This reminded me of the time a month or so back. He was playing with my iPhone. While I was trying to get his attention, I was telling him to do something, like pick-up his toys or something, he said to me, in a serious manner, “Shh! I want quiet.” I was stunned. (That’s exactly what I tell him, when he is being noisy and annoying.)

Weeks ago, on Spring break, we watched a movie, went malling, shopping and just walking and looking around, and just having fun. When everyone else are having fun, there is always Mark NOT having fun! (We would have this conversation almost all the time, while we were out and about.)

Mark, with a look of boredom: “Let’s go home.
Me: “You’re a party pooper.
Mark, smiles at me, like telling me that I’m being silly: “No. I’m Mark.

Mark has been sick with diarrhea, and has been puking since yesterday. This morning, he’s still sick and has a touch of fever, but otherwise he’s active and energetic. He did get his cookie! And he’s turning 3 years old tomorrow.

Mark (a day before turning 3), needs a haircut and loves milk!

Mark (a day before turning 3), needs a haircut and loves milk!

Is it Fall yet?

Originally posted in Facebook on October 15, 2012:

Matthew and Mark

Matthew and Mark, Photo taken on Oct. 14, 2012

While we were outside yesterday to catch some fresh air…

Matthew (6): “Do you smell that?
Me: “What?
Matthew: “I smell something stinky.

Then he came over to me and started sniffing – me.

Matthew: “No. It’s just a stinky smell in my imagination.

This morning, when Mark (2) woke up, he climbed to our bed, woke me up! So he and I had a few Mommy-and-Mark time in bed.

Me, pointing to his eyes: “What is this?
Mark: “Eyes.
Me, gently pinching his nose: “What is this?
Mark: “Nose and boogers.

I just love my boys.

Originally posted in Facebook on October 14, 2012:

Matthew and Mark, Photo taken on Oct. 3, 2012

Matthew and Mark, Photo taken on Oct. 3, 2012

Father’s Day

Originally posted in Facebook on June 17:

Father's Day 2012

Father’s Day 2012, Daddy with Matthew (5) and Mark (2)

We got Hubby a hand-finger print painting of a tree for Father’s Day, made especially by Matthew and Mark. (I supervised by telling them where to press their painted little hands.) I think it’s worth mentioning that we made this while the babies were at the bath tub (for mess control!)

We are so blessed to have Hubby a.k.a. Daddy in our lives! Matthew and Mark ADORE him! He is … simply wonderful! He even got seafood (crabs and shrimps) for dinner tonight! 😉

Originally posted in Facebook on June 19:

Father's Day 2012

Pizza for Father’s Day 2012

or Father’s Day Dinner, Matthew helped me make this homemade cheese and pepperoni pizza! We had this with the seafood that Hubby got that day. #Summer2012-Dish9

Originally posted in Facebook on June 6:

I was listening so some opera music …

Me, to Hubby: “Isn’t it mesmerizing, this kind of music?

Hubby (makes a face): “Mesmerizing? Not really. It sounds like someone has a belly ache.

I just love him to pieces, even MORE these days on his Summer break, when he is home and around us more … to make conversations like this.

Originally posted in Facebook on June 5:

Awful night! Mark woke up in the middle of the night, again. But this time he was crying and very miserable,…

Then this morning, I woke up to an awful dream. I dreamt, Hubby kicked me out of the house and then I lived with Snooki and the other ‘Jersey Shore’ cast. :O (OMG, I don’t know where this all came from. Hubby and I are fine and I don’t even watch ‘Jersey Shore’.)

It going to be a long dragging day, but I hope not!

Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

Happy Feast of the Epiphany, a.k.a. Feast of the Three Wise Men!

Before the holiday break, Matthew brought home Christmas ornament projects he made in school. I am so proud of Matthew and these Christmas treasures.

As Hubby and Matthew are back to school, there is no more denying that the Christmas holiday is officially over. Starting today, all the Christmas decorations are coming down, put away until next Christmas. Sigh!

Note to self, for next Christmas: Get new Christmas lights!

For those who are interested to know what Matthew got us when he went Christmas shopping in school: Matthew got us a ‘MOM’ and ‘DAD’ keychains and pens for me and hubby, and a pink dolphin plush toy for Mark. I am so happy about the keychain, as it’s my very first ‘MOM’ keychain, and I am glad it’s from him.

We are trying to get back to our old routine. For Matthew, sleeping early at night, to wake up early in the morning for school. And homework after school.

For Mark, a little later bedtime and wake-up time would be nice, except he is having a hard time falling asleep by himself. Sigh! So there are more rocking him to sleep lately.

There is a little bit of adjustment going on, especially for Mark.

On hubby’s first day back to work, Mark was missing his Daddy so much! It was way, way pass his naptime, but he just wouldn’t nap, continued to be fussy, and kept on going back to the kitchen door to call out for his Daddy.

On Matthew’s first day back to school, when Mark woked up, he didn’t cry but kept calling for his brother. I think he noticed that his big brother Matthew is not in his bed, where he used to be when Mark wakes up.

As of right now, he has figured out that he now can open the closet door in the playroom. He now has access to the toys I have put away in the closet. Sigh! At least this keeps him busy, opening and closing the closet door, and taking out some toys …

Mark Anthony, 20 Months Old

Mark is 20 months old today. He is so adorable, so skillful and he just lights up our lives …

Mark’s mischief smile. He’s had a haircut since this photo was taken on November 8, 2011.

Mark now smiles to the camera more often than not.

When Mark wants something, a drink, a snack, a toy, he’ll point all over and say, “Please. ” It’s up to us to figure out exactly what he wants!

He loves lifting his shirt up and exposing his belly! He loves to lift his Daddy’s shirt and expose his Daddy’s belly. Then he gives his Daddy a belly-to-belly hug. It’s strange, funny but sweet.

I can always tell that it’s time to change his diaper from #2. He has this expression on his face, after which he’ll get my attention, pat his diaper area, and says. “Poop.”

Do you think he’s ready for potty training? I think so!

He fancies toothbrushes, mine to be exact. He doesn’t like his ‘Thomas the Train’ toothbrush, but he likes my plain looking toothbrush. He likes to use it to snack on toothpaste.

He loves Blue’s Clues. Bubble Guppies and most shows in NickJr. He points at Blue and he says “Blue”. He says, “Clue” when he sees a paw. And I think he learned to say “bubble” from Bubble Guppies. But then “Bubble” to him, also means a bath.

He panics when I say, “It’s time for a bath.” He takes off his pants or shorts, runs to the bathroom, and knocks at the bathroom door while he keeps repeating, “Bubble, bubble,bubble “….

He likes to blow bubbles, too, with his drool.

Lately, he discovered he likes the shows in PBS Kids, too. He likes the shows: The Cat in the Hat, Sesame Street, among others.

He loves his shows. He actually laughs at anything he finds funny.

On a more gross part, he has learned to pick his nose, and chase me around with his booger finger.

As of this writing, THREE of my big Christmas ball ornaments used to be hanging by our Christmas tree, down, shattered on the floor, courtesy of Mark. Sigh! And I had thought I placed the delicate ornaments up above his reach… NOT all of them. My fault for the oversight!

The last one he broke, when I heard it, I came over to him. I saw him with his hands on his face, he looked at me and said, “Oh no!” It was funny, I forgot to get mad.

Mark, 19-months

Mark, 19-months

I am so proud of his skills. At command, he can point to parts of his face and body. He even shows his teeth with a really cute grin. He picks up his dirty millk bottle and throws it to the sink; trash to the trashcan; and shoes to the shoerack.

And yes, he still naps during the day.

Top Moments, Girls Vs. Boys

I babysat for a friend’s 2-year old daughter. Since Matthew was at school, Mark played with her. They actually get along, played together really well. Whatever Jaylin was doing, Mark did too, and vice versa.

When she would look for her Mama, which she did quite a few times , I would just tell her, “Your mama is in the bathroon.” She totally bought it for the four hours and more that she was here! She didn’t argue or cry. She didn’t nap one wink too, even when Mark was napping, but she had great appetite, ate snacks and lunch, and she let me braid her hair!

If I had girls instead of boys, I would braid their hair everyday.

Mark pooped in the tub. Oh yes he did. This happened a couple of weeks back.

Matthew (5) and Mark (19-months) were in the tub, in the usual nighttime bath. I didn’t put some bubble liquid, so the water were all clear. Both of them are playing in the clear water with all the bath toys we have. They are enjoying the bath, and I was enjoying watching them.

And then, the unthinkable happened. Mark looked at me and popped, pooped 2 floaties! I was mortified, I screamed! Immediately I told Matthew to get off the tub, lifted Mark out. As fast as I could, I scooped all the bath toys and place them in a bucket. While I was letting the water drain from the tub, I told the boys to stay put and not move a muscle. THEY ARE CONTAMINATED and should not touch anything. They actually stayed put. Matthew was laughing at the floating poop, and at me for my reaction. Mark, who created the mess, was laughing too.

Boys are SO yucky. They find all this very funny!

When the water drained completely, the floaties were left in the tub floor. I picked it up with layers of tissue paper and flushed them in the toilet. I swear I felt SO icky. I scrubbed my hands and arms so hard.

I gave the boys a shower, scrubbed them really hard. I let the shower water run on them for a long time. Mark who is still not used to the shower stayed most of the time at the sides, but I made sure he was scrubbed. Later on I sprayed the tub with bleach and let it stand for a long time. I also soaked the bath toys in bleach water.

I felt like giving myself a bleach bath, and the boys, too. If only that wasn’t toxic.

On a good note, Mark can now throw this milk bottle to the sink and do other chores like picking up his toys! Yay!

How to Eat Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ~ Proverb quotes

Mark's Apple Mark's Apple

Mark's Apple Mark's Apple Mark's Apple

Mark, 18-months

Click photos for enlarged view. Click here to view more photos.

How to eat apple, Mark style: In the kitchen, in the drawer, with a spoon.

Mark SO loves this drawer. This drawer used to store our produce, but he kept emptying it, throwing all the produce to the floor and bruising them. I stop bothering with this drawer, and he made it his special place. Unfortunately, this drawer became his way to reach the counter, too.

And Mark loves apples, too!

Time-out and Some Silliness

It was ‘Cowboy Day‘ two days ago in Matthew’s kindergarten class. He felt so awkward in his costume, but when he came home, it didn’t seem like he was embarrassed at all. He was happy.

Yesterday was ‘Silly Socks Day’. And today. ‘Wear Red Day’. This is all for the ‘Red Ribbon Week’ fight against drugs and bullying in school.

Tomorrow, ‘Career Day’! They will dress up to be what they want to be when they grow up. I asked Matthew what he wants to be when he grows up. His initial answer was “Indiana Jones“. It made me stop and think about exactly what he meant, so I can think of a more appropriate costume. Then he said, “Mommy, I just want to be myself when I grow up“. Sigh of relief! He doesn’t need to dress up for that, which is great. I can have a break on thinking about this ‘Career Day’.

I am not yet too concerned that he hasn’t figured out exactly what he want to be careerwise when he grows up. He’s 5! When he is older, I hope he will know and figure out what career he wants for himself.

On Friday, they dress up for Halloween. He will be Batman.

A couple of days ago, Mark (at 18-months) experienced his very first ‘time-out’. He hit his big brother Matthew in the head with a toy. Matthew cried. (It must have been really painful.) I scolded Mark, told him it’s not nice to hit, and made him stand still in the corner on time-out, which he did quietly!

I thought it was funny how Matthew dutifully told on Mark, everytime Mark moved or tried to walk away from the corner. And then, Mark would go back to the time-out corner. I think, he stood there for about 2 minutes, with Matthew closely watching over. I had to maintain a straight-face to both of them, just to be consistent with the time-out.

I can already see a lot of like this in the near future – Mark on a time-out, and Matthew telling on him. And vice versa …

Last night, Mark was reaching over the dresser for anything he can reach. He was able to reach a plastic cup with cold water in it. Unfortunately, as he reached for it, the cold water spilled on all over himself. He got so wet. He cried. I laughed.

On a sweet note, Mark, lately on our quiet moments together, would look at me, touch my face, and say “Mama”. Oh, I love it!

Always on Top of Everything

Mark at almost 18-months

Mark at almost 18-months

Click here to view more from ‘Mark, 18-months’ album.

Mark is 18-months old today!

While Mark and I wait outside for his big brother Matthew to arrive from school, there usually a few school buses to drive by before Matthew’s bus. Yesterday, when Mark saw the school buses, he pointed to the buses and I swear he uttered the word ‘brother’.

When we are in the bathroom, he says ‘bu-ble’ (for bubbles) a lot!

The way he gives kisses – he’ll climb up to you unannounced, says ‘Ki’, and then presses his mouth on your lips. He loves giving kisses!

Mark, always on top of everything … literally!
Mark, Always on top of everything ...
Mark, Always on top of everything ...

He had been saying, among many others, …

  • there‘, when he finishes doing something
  • Dad-di‘ for Daddy
  • Mamama‘ for Mommy
  • ya-ya‘ for yes or ‘yeah,yeah’
  • mi-mi‘ for milk
  • bye‘ for bye
  • gu-nye‘ for goodnight
  • ball‘ for ball
  • get it‘ for get it, while pointing at something!

He is SO starting to talk! YAY!

Mark and I tuck his big brother in to bed. They give each other hugs and he says, ‘gu-nye’! Mark has a later bedtime than his big brother. If I let him sleep early, he’d be up and awake in the middle of the night. Otherwise, he still wakes up but it’s easier to get him back to sleep. But early to bed or not, Mark still does not sleep through the night. Sigh! I am still sleep deprived!

His favorite TV show is anything from NickJr. When we are not tuned in to NickJr, he’d hand me the remote to change the channel. He won’t stop his whining until it’s set to NickJr. I don’t mind NickJr at all. I think this channel is perfect for kids in the preschool age. But sometimes, Mommy’s got to watch TV, too, her non-educational-purely-for-entertainment shows.

I better find away to lock the cover on all the ventilation on the floor. Before, Mark has been dropping crumbs on it. These days, toys and who knows what else.

He is always on top of everything! Top of the table, top of the dresser, top of the computer table, top of the counter, top of the laundry basket, top of a box… He always have a box which he drags around the kitchen to stand on and get his hands on to the counter or the sink. And he is so happy when he is able to elevate himself and reach stuff, no matter what it is.

If it’s up to him, the process of brushing his teeth includes, sucking the toothpaste out of the tube and then, putting the toothbrush to his mouth. Actually if it’s up to him, the toothpaste is a snack and not for brushing his teeth.

Yes, it has been interesting around him these days …

Matthew’s 2nd Day of School {Photos}

.. And 1st time to ride the school bus!

Matthew's 2nd Day of School

1st time and All-by-himself school bus ride = Success!

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