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Welcome Baby Brandon

We visited friends who just had a new baby boy.

Congratulations Scottie and Danielle for the healthy baby boy, Brandon Tanner!

Welcome Baby Brandon

Baby Brandon Tanner

Baby Brandon Tanner – What a cute baby! Born 8 pounds but he looks so little, and so fragile. He is the very first white infant baby i’ve seen, and I didn’t expect that white babies are born so bright.

It’s so nice to see a day-old baby. It makes me feel giddy and excited. It makes me look back to the days when my babies were that little. And it makes me appreciate new life. It makes me feel grateful for love and life, friendship and all the good stuffs we have.

But seeing the infant baby, and my babies together, Matthew and Mark, I am even more convinced that I don’t want anymore babies of my own. I will marvel at other people’s babies, but my two babies are enough for me.

Baby Brandon is hubby’s godson and we welcome him to our family. Hopefully we will see a lot of him.


Fall Festival 2010

Fall Campus StrollWe went to the local fall festival this year. We are so glad we did!

There is always that concern how I am going to manage by myself my energetic 4-year-old Matthew, while strolling 6-months old Baby Mark. It takes a lot of work when kids at the age my kids are, are tagging along… strollers, car seat, head counts, etc! But then, I thought I would not pass this once in a year thing when Matthew is able to play and be happy, and for Baby Mark to be out and about! We all had fun in the end.

Lori, thanks for inviting us!

At the festival, guess where Matthew would want to be? AT the Kid’s play area! No surprise there. At the end of the night, the facilitators got to know him by name!

View more photos.

Baby Mark and I were just happy to be there watching over big brother Matthew. Baby Mark didn’t fuss at all. Phew!

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The most exciting thing that happened that night was Matthew’s very first horse ride! I hesitated at first, but I saw Matthew’s face and he was looking forward to riding the horse, so I let him. Matthew was so behaved riding the horse. He had that curious look on his face, just observing, just riding it easy, but he was all smiles.

View more photos.

At the end of the night, I was browsing through the photos! I thought it was so funny see the difference in Matthew and Mark’s reactions to the girls.  I hope Mark’s reaction will improve in time.

View more photos.

Thanks to Lori, Rachel, Naomie and Kimberly for the fun! Until next time.

Fall Festival 2010 {Photo}

Thanks to Lori, Rachel, Naomie and Kimberly for the fun at the Fall Festival!

Click photo to enlarge photo.

Strolling at the school ground before going to the festival

Matthew at the Kid’s play area

Matthew’s Very First Horse Ride!

Baby Mark and Mommy, just Happy to be there

In good company

After Omphaloskepsis

This is in response to a friend’s blog post, After Omphaloskepsis. I tried commenting but it became too long that I thought I’d just link it up in my blog.

To Stephen and all,

1 –

From the time I knew you, I never thought of you as an underdog! You just don’t reflect that, or maybe you are just not that – an underdog, a doormat, etc …

I perceive myself neither as an underdog, nor as a champion. I am anti-popular!

2 –

I don’t dream much of a paradise, but I do dream of winning the lottery!

Your dream of a paradise in a quiet beach, all by yourself, etc.- That’s easy! Just isolate yourself and you’ll have it.

My dream is harder. Although, I buy lottery tickets, I still have to beat the odds! If only that is something I can plan.

3 –

The truth is – nobody likes a 2nd-rate performance! Even if you are a genius or truly talented and the work you do is maybe above standard, and even if you get the approval and applause of your peers, if you didn’t put it all your best, you can never be truly happy with yourself no matter which path you have taken – whether you have pursued your dreams or whether you have placed your dreams aside and braved a real job.

Just like on anything else in life, the best way into putting all your best is to constantly choose to, to make a conscious decision to do so and act on it.

4 –

Although I do not blog everything in my life, it doesn’t mean I am less truthful about the things that I do blog about. But you are right! Writing about the ‘glass being half full’ makes me internalize it more and keeps my sanity in check, as what blogging has always been to me.

About the ‘glass being half empty’ – although, sometimes it makes a good blog post, most of the time I feel that it too shall pass and doesn’t need any more attention. I call that – staying at the bright side of life, optimism … and not lingering on the negatives.

5 –

And no, I don’t think I have ever meditated on my belly button or navel area before while I wasn’t pregnant. I’m sure meditating on a pregnant belly is another matter …