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American Idol Finale, On David Cook

David CookIt’s such a disappointment! David Cook didn’t belt it out and the song choices were mediocre! No David Cook signature on the song arrangement and so, his performances came out flat and forgetable!

I think he meant it when he said that as far as he is concerned the competition is over. He didn’t even look like he was trying! Could it be because he has a really big offer before the finale such that winning American Idol would be a deal breaker or that, he simply wants to go on his own after American Idol? Of course, I’m only speculating!

Ragardless, if he comes out with new songs, I’d totally want to hear it!

Updated (May 23, 2008 ) :  I didn’t expect it but I am happy that David Cook has won! However, can’t help but speculate again that the votes he got were sympathy votes considering his inferior performance, which looked like a knockout in favor of david archuleta.


I am a David Cook Believer

I am a David Cook believer…

David Cook – American Idol 7 Audition

American Idol – David Cook – Hello – Top 8 Guys

American Idol 7 Top 7 – David Cook – “Always Be My Baby”

American Idol 7 – Top 6 – David Cook – “Music of the Night”

Taiwan TV Series: Meteor Garden 2

I watched the first two episodes first. I was so disappointed! The lead characters, Daoming Si (Jerry Yan) and Shancai (Barbie Hsu), went to Barcelona, Spain as graduation gift from three of the F4’s, Huaze Lie (Vic Zhou), Xi Men (Ken Chu) and Mei Zou (Van Ness Wu) . <Click here to read more.>

Meteor Garden 2

Jerry Yan, Van Ness Wu, Barbie Hsu, Ken Chu adn Vic Zhou

Harry Potter Mania

Find out your Harry Potter personality at LiquidGeneration!