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1st Day of 2nd Grade to a New School

When the news about us moving came to Matthew, we were still in the Philippines. I had been thinking for awhile about how to break the news to him, for I wasn’t so sure about how he was going to take it. But then, one day, he overheard about the move from one my conversations with Hubby over Skype.

I gave him the confirmation that indeed we were going to move to Florida and stay with Grandma and Grandpa for awhile, which also means he’s going to transfer to a new school. Surprisingly, he didn’t mind the move at all. And he was excited to transfer to a new school. He did, however, have a little bit of a concern –

Matthew, to Hubby over Skype: “Daddy, if I transfer to a new school, am I going to be Kindergarten again? Cause I don’t want to!”

Hubby, aka Daddy: “No buddy! You’ll be 2nd grade.”

And he was fine!

(I think, it was a valid concern!)

Matthew, 1st Day of 2nd Grade to a new school

Matthew, 1st Day of 2nd Grade to a new school

He’s already met his new teacher last week. He said he’s nervous, but he’s fine while he anxiously waited for the school bus.

He has grown so much, so fast! 1st Day of school always breaks my heart. Sigh!


Korean Drama

I must be the last Asian woman in Japan who’s into the Korean Drama craze! I was just clicking in YouTube, when I chanced upon some 1980s Philippine Movies. I watched a few.

The next thing I know I was watching Winter Sonata. I just got hooked! I can’t get over Park Yong Ha a.k.a Sang-Kyuk in Winter Sonata, so I watched another series, Loving You. This time he was the lead role. Now I am a bonafide Korean drama addict and Park Yong Ha fan!

While Winter Sonata is a drama, Loving you is romance comedy/light drama, which I really prefer. And that it makes me want to watch more. I am glad I have seen these earlier Korean Dramas first, for I intend to watch them all in chronological order.

The stories just make more sense to me than the movies I have seen lately. They are the stories I grew up loving from watching TV, just in better production and with better acting. So it’s kind’a nostalgic in a sense.

I have to thank YouTube and MySoju.com, where I have seen these TV dramas in Korean Language with English Subtitles. I am also looking into watching some Japanese Dramas since they are also readily available.