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Matthew’s Dating Plan

Last year, on Grandma’s birthday, Grandpa’s birthday gift for her was in a small box. We were all around her when she opened the small box, and it was a ring with a shiny gemstone. As soon as Matthew saw the ring, he said, “Ah, he went to Jared.” We all chuckled at this remark.

A year passed…

Last night at bed time, Matthew, 7-years old, came up to me,…

Matthew: “When I grow up and go to college, I’ll go to Jared and buy a ring, date a girl 5 times, and put the ring on the box and give it to her.

Me, after thinking hard: “First, you have to finish college, right? And then find a good job. And then find a nice girl.

Matthew: “Ok.”

He left, seemed satisfied and went to bed.

I was amused, but I wondered if he truly understands what he said. Probably not.

FYI, Jared is a jewelry store in the U.S. They have recurring commercials on TV with the tag line “He went to Jared.”

Obviously, their commercial has worked for Matthew. But, they should be paying us for the mere mention of their store in my timeline. HA!

Photo: Matthew just got his hair cut. He’s ready to go back to school…

Photo taken Jan 5, 2-14: Matthew just got his hair cut. He's ready to go back to school...

Photo taken Jan 5, 2-14: Matthew just got his hair cut. He’s ready to go back to school…


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