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Mark at 3-years Old

While Uncle Tom was giving Matthew (7) a haircut, Mark was observing…

Me, to Mark (3): “Do you want a haircut too?
Mark: “No.
Me: “Why not?
Mark: “Because my hair is black, just like Daddy’s coffee.
Me: (speechless)

Only he can make that connection!

So Matthew have a playmate in the neighborhood, Shane. He is also from Matthew’s class in school. He comes over all the time to play with – mostly Matthew. But of course, Mark always wants to join in the fun, even if he couldn’t keep up with the 7-year olds …

So while Matthew and Shane were playing ‘tag’, running around the yard, completely ignoring Mark…

Mark, chasing Matthew around, “I want to play too, but I am not good with this game.”

Mark continues to chase Matthew, this time with pointer finger trying to tag Matthew, “TAG! AWEEE, MY FINGER HURT…”

Mark, while completely being ignored, continues to chase Matthew and Shane, and complaining about his finger. As I am amused by this, I called Mark to check his finger, which was fine, as I suspected. I told him to play with me instead. But he refused. And then he ran off, chased them again and completely ignoring me.

Lately, with my request, Matthew and Shane are better at including Mark when they play.

Photo: Mark, 3-years old. Taken Nov. 6, 2013

Photo: Mark, 3-years old. Taken Nov. 6, 2013

When he saw me with a camera in my hand, he stood still and asked me to take a picture of him. This was the outcome.

He is growing up so fast!


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