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Smart One, Monitor

First published in Facebook, March 27:

Smart Mark

Smart Mark

So I was asking Mark (turning-3) to help me with some chores, to put some of the clean rags to its designated drawer. He has done it before, so he can do it again.

Me: “Mark, put these rags to the drawer please.
Mark: “Wait a minute.
Me, in a firm commanding voice: “No ‘Wait a minute’! Do it right now.
Mark, still not moving: “Ok. Wait a second.

Me, speechless.

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

First published in Facebook, March 25:

It’s the 1st day of Matthew’s one-week long spring break from school. Early this morning, while I was already awake in my bed but still resisting to get up, Matthew and Mark were talking in their room and I overheard them over the baby monitor.

Mark: “Brother, wake up! It’s morning time!
Matthew: “No. Today is my day off.

I love this baby monitor! It’s a gold mine for precious funny lines between the two of them!

(I’ve started using this baby monitor, on and off, since Matthew was born. Yes, I still use it even though Matthew is now 6 and Mark is turning-3. And I intend to continue using it until they are teenagers!)


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